Black Bloc

While the G20 meeting went on in Toronto on June 2010, the Black Bloc took to the streets. The group of youths dressed in dark coloured hooded sweatshirts, combat boots with bandanas over their faces became a force in themselves moving through the streets of Toronto

Having broken away from the 10,000 strong peace protesters making their way down Queen street, the Black Bloc moved steadily towards the Convention Centre through Toronto's financial district like a dark cloak.They destroyed store windows, torched police cruisers and blanketed parts of the city in graffiti. Major businesses such as giant coffee chain Starbucks appeared to be their main target. In a surprisingly organised fashion, they blocked photographers and videographers who attempted to capture their actions.It remains somewhat of a debate as to how much vandalism and violent protests at the G20 were actually sanctioned by the Harper government for international attention - as the successful torching of 4 police squad cars around the summit area amidst security measures amounting to CAD1 billion seemed a little farcical. 

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